Postal Disability Insurance

  • Guaranteed Approval for Postal Employees

    If you are Postal Employee you are GUARANTEED APPROVAL for our Disability Insurance. Make the smart decision and protect yourself today - learn more »

Thousands of Postal employees understand the need for Disability Insurance. Most positions involve heavy lifting and repetitive motion which can very easily cause injuries that will prevent you from working. If you look around the Post Office you won't have to look far before you find someone who has missed work due to an injury on or off the job. On top of the risk of injury everyone has the risk of an illness that is significant enough to prevent you from working.

Our Disability Insurance Program is a group plan offered exclusively for Postal employees. The reason a group plan is so important for Postal employees is because most private insurance companies will not accept Postal employees. Those that will accept Postal employees will charge such high rates that very few employees can afford it. We offer disability insurance for Postal Employees that is both affordable and reliable.

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